SVS Best Practices ::
Virtualize Your Business Desktop Deployment


Find out why and when you might want to put SVS into production in your environment!


Instant Application Delivery and Activation with AppStream and SVS ::
Learn how virtualization and streaming go hand-in-hand to provide "on demand" application provisioning!


SVS Best Practices ::
An Example Config for Excludes and Data Layers


See an example of how SVS isolates data from applications so they can be managed separately!


Software Virtualization Agent Installation ::
Essential reference for those automating large scale installations of SVS!

 Launching Two Versions of an App When Both Are Installed to the Same Location ::
Get inside the guts of SVS conflict elimination!


SVS Best Practices ::
Updating SVS Virtual Software Packages


There are several way to update VSPs -- This article discusses the options and pros/cons of each.