Symantec Endpoint Virtualization

Only a well managed system is a safe system


virtualisierung img boxSWV and SWS offers an innovative approach for comprehensive software management.



The solution is both for physical as well as virtual or hybrid terminal scenarios. It allows controlled and secure access to any Windows application.



As a key strategic technology (especially with VDI environments), Symantec supports this deployment of applications through virtualization (SWV) and streaming (SWS).


Symantec Workspace Virtualization (SWV) puts applications and data into managed units and operates them in an isolated environment - also known as "sand-box" technology.



Among others, one advantage of application virtualization is that you can use different versions of programs simultaneously on the same box. For instance, you can install and run the entire Office 2010 suite on a machine, while you still can us Excel 2007 at the same time, on the same box, to use your old spreadsheets that still rely on old Excel 2007 macros.



The simultaneous provision of different versions of Java on one system is also an option.


SWV can run different Java versions at the same time, so each application can be assigned to a specific Java version that it needs to run properly - each separately, on the same box.



Streaming and a corresponding active license management (live status) enables tailored use of licenses and applications, without requiring them to be fully installed on the system. Accordingly, you get a simple and inexpensive way to provide applications on any computer available. Application licensing is centrally managed with an easy to use interface.



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