The best packaging-methods

Application-Virtualization and Streaming

 The following article is a revised and updated translation of a hand-out for a ALTIRIS SVS workshop, conducted on the Managed Fusion 2007 in Malta.


Granted, this has been a while, the basic procedure for an application virtualization But nothing has changed, and there were corresponding changes already entered in the following text!


Successful implementation of the application virtualization begins with good packaging. In this practice, you will learn how to optimal, easy to manage virtual software packages created with the SWV Admin Tools.




At the end of this exercise you should be able …

  • to understand the most common ways to create packages SWV
  • multiple installations and configurations to package neatly in the same layer
  • to package an installation requires a reboot
  • an MSI Sun envelop it "SWV-Enabled"





  • A short presentation will introduce them to this seminar session and explain the most important concepts
  • The seminar will be focused on the main features and guide them step-by-step through this
  • The seminar exercises are progressive. Generally, this means that they can not start to exercise without completing the previous
  • Use them quiet the instructions on the next page to follow this course. You may also like to tackle this seminar on your own




Seminar preparation

 This seminar uses the virtual machine technology to a computer to simulate (VM).

On the virtual machine should the SWV Admin tool installed.



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