First Time at the demo streaming portal

Description of the automatic installation process

Currently version 6.1 of the streaming technology is the most current one, version  7.5 is expected to be launched about end Q2/2013.

Currently we offer the option to test streaming over the Internet with version 6.1 and 7.5 (Beta 2).


If you are interested in a free trial please contact us by phone or mail at => KONTAKT


What happens when you log on to the portal?

 In short, you get the option offered to install the treaming agent on your local boxl.

After a reboot and login again to the portal, you can select which virtualized application or applications you would like to stream to your computer .




If no virtualizing/streaming- agent can be found on your local box you get the option offered to install the agents. A reboot is required to proceed.

Windows 7 x64 DE-2012-11-30-21-14-40

  Windows 7 x64 DE-2012-11-30-21-15-11
 Download the Streaming Agent ... Windows 7 x64 DE-2012-11-30-21-15-36
 Automatic installation of the Streaming Agent ...  Windows 7 x64 DE-2012-11-30-21-16-14
Display the provided virtualized applications.
 Windows 7 x64 DE-2012-11-30-21-17-04
 Launch the streaming process for an application ...  Windows 7 x64 DE-2012-11-30-21-17-38
 Streaming of 7-ZIP ...  Windows 7 x64 DE-2012-11-30-21-18-02
 Streaming of Libre-Office Writer ...  Windows 7 x64 DE-2012-11-30-21-25-17
 Streaming of Audacity ...  Windows 7 x64 DE-2012-11-30-21-18-48
 Streaming of Internet-Explorer 6 ... !  Windows 7 x64 DE-2012-11-30-21-48-45
 Starting IE 6 with Windows 7 64 Bit!  Windows 7 x64 DE-2012-11-30-21-51-08
 Streamed and virtualized applications.  Windows 7 x64 DE-2012-11-30-21-52-42



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