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Our services

Since 1995, we have focused on the area of ​​systems management, and in particular software-distribution, packaging and virtualization.



Only recently, the technical quality and reliability of application virtualization and streaming has evolved to the extent that IT technicians might think about using it in enterprise environments.



We support our customers in several market leading application virtualization solutions, but in particular using Symantec Workspace Virtualization (SWV).


Especially in combination with application provisioning by using SWS - Symantec Workspace Streaming, new technical capabilities are possible where traditional software distribution solutions reach their limits or are not optimal.


Most important for us is to advise our clients on what is the optimal technical solution for them and also share our experience and knowledge with them.


 Accordingly, we offer training and workshops about software distribution, packaging and virtualization issues.




Our culture

  SOFTTAILOR® GmbH develops exclusively in Germany!

    We believe in internal and well trained staff. This ensures consistent high quality, minimizes delays, and protects jobs. Accordingly, all services are performed by our own staff or quality certified consultants. If in rare cases we need external support - we work together with longstanding and competent partners, who are experts in their respective fields.



   Within the network of IBN Distribution!


 In integration with the IBN cluster we undertake in particular the principles of loyalty and partnership with the partners of the IBN network