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Kategorie: LDF - Layer Defintion Pakete
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Virtual Application Library


 Development Tools
 Description Platforms   Architectures  Download Page Dependency
 Eclipse Java Indigo - Java IDE  XP, Win7 x86  Download  Java 6
 Sharp Develop 4.1 - C# IDE  XP, Win7  x86  Download .Net 4
 Kompozer - HTML Editor  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download n/a
 Notepad++ 5.9.2 - General Purpose editor  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download n/a
 Fun and Games
 WinPenguins - Desktop invasion  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
 Xmoto - 2D motocross game  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
 Blender - 3D modeling software  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
 Gimp - Image editing  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
 InkScape - Illustration  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
 Paint.Net - Image editing  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
Internet Browsers
 Firefox 5.0.1  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
Microsoft Internet Explorer - Library of all virtualized versions  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Link  n/a
 Opera Browser  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
 SeaMonkey  - Browser, Email, HTML Edit  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
Internet Applications
 ThunderBird  - Email Client  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
 FileZilla - FTP Client / Server  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
Office Applications
 AbiWord  - Word Processor  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
 Dia - Create/Edit Visio-like flow charts  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
 Foxit Reader - PDF reader  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
 Gnumeric - Spreadsheet Application  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
 OpenOffice - Suite of Office applications: Word processing, Spreadsheet, Powerpoint, etc  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
 Money Manager Ex - Money Management application  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
Music and Video
 Audacity - Music (Wave, MP3, etc) editor, recorder  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
 SongBird - iTunes-like music collection manager  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
 VLC - comprehensive media player  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
Runtime Environments
 Java 6  XP, Win7  x86  Download  n/a
 Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework  XP, Win7  x86  Download  n/a
 Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
 Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable  XP, Win7  x86, x64  Download  n/a
Server Environments
 Xamp - Windows apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, etc stack.  XP, Win7  x86  Download  n/a
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